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Manager of Data Center Operations

The over all Infrastructure team is responsible for developing and delivering secure, scalable, highly-available services that power all Jawbone technology. In addition to supporting millions of user devices streaming data into our systems in real time, we also run massive-scale expert systems used to deliver Jawbone UP’s unique insight system and power the machine learning and big data analytics used to develop Jawbone’s next generation of algorithms and devices.  This infrastructure will be involved through AWS and Data Centers.
Identify projects required to improve availability and reduce operational expense.
Design and implement systems to safely enable Jawbone’s continued data growth without incurring incremental operational overhead or loss of availability.
Design and implement highly available services to reduce complexity in legacy systems and enable fault isolation and improved reliability.
Design and implement adjustments to the overall network and system infrastructure of Jawbone’s cloud services to improve security, flexibility and availability of the overall system with the rest of the Infrastructure team.
Ensure the diagnosing and resolution of performance issues in complex systems to ensure reliable user-facing performance of the overall Jawbone system.
Ensure postmortem analysis in response to operational incidents, analyzing system telemetry to drive continual improvement.
Manage remote contractors and employees for data center operations
Manage compliancy and security
Required Skills:
BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
Experience managing teams in complex, highly available systems in a data center both in extended operation and from the ground up.
Experience managing contractors and consultant organizations over seas
Experience with high volume services
Experience with distributed systems
Experience with complex infrastructures and multiple hosting sources
Strong understanding of data center best practices, management, procurement, and operations
Experience with environment agnostic, transportable applications and infrastructure
Experience with compliance and encryption
Experience with large scale data systems
Experience with modern monitoring systems and techniques
Preferred Skills:
Experience owning the end to end data center operations remotely, with some potential travel
Managed the build up of infrastructure within data centers
Experience in compliance and security in diverse international environments
Experience in high data security environments


San Francisco, CA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
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